Top of the Hill farmhouse is located on the Irishtown Road (Route 101) approximately mid-way between the town of Kensington and the seashore community of Park Corner.

The community of Irishtown is a pastoral farm district with rolling hills and farmland that has remained virtually unchanged since it was founded two centuries ago. At the centre of the district, located just 1 km. from the Top of the Hill, you will find a beautiful church and cemetery and the community hall that was the centre of life for many generations. Here also, you will find a little pumphouse, a reminder of the one-room school that stood on this location throughout much of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Kensington is often described as the “heart of the Island”, the centre of a prosperous farm area and the site of an historic train station that features prominently in the Lucy Maud Montgomery novels.

Park Corner is the ancestral home of the Montgomerys, and the location of Silver Bush where Lucy Maud Montgomery spent much of her childhood and was married in 1911. Adjoining Silver Bush is the Lake of Shining Waters which featured prominently in the Montgomery novels.

Park Corner is also the location of Cousins Shore, one of the most beautiful white sand beaches of P.E.I. which was featured in a special Canadian coin that was minted to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Confederation.

Scenery from Top of the Hill